trWhole-Family Healing From Admission to Aftercare

Having a teen who is struggling with substance abuse is an overwhelming, scary, and stressful experience for everyone involved. You worry for their safety and their future. You wonder if your loved ones can ever be a family again. But help is available, and recovery is within reach with treatment for teen substance abuse in Cambridge, IA, at Ember Recovery.

Our programs have been developed specifically to help teens and their families heal as a whole and heal together.

Ember Recovery: Treating Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, Iowa

LGBT-Inclusive Programs

At Ember Recovery, we understand the importance of providing inclusive care to our LGBTQIA+ youth and addressing their unique societal and social challenges.

Individualized Recovery 

Everyone’s experience with addiction is unique, and recovery is no different. Each individual who is admitted into our youth substance abuse programs in Cambridge IA receives a highly personalized care plan.

Dual Diagnosis 

Teenagers that struggle with mental health disorders have an increased risk of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both disorders simultaneously to achieve the best results for lasting recovery. That’s what we do at Ember Recovery.

Aftercare Recovery Planning

Getting clean and sober and completing a rehab program is only a stepping stone to a life of healing. Aftercare offers ongoing support to teens who have completed a residential or inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The ultimate goal of aftercare is to help your teen thrive and maintain sobriety after exiting an inpatient treatment environment.

Detox Referrals

Detoxification is the first step in receiving treatment services from a teen substance rehab center in Iowa. After detox, your teen will be admitted to addiction recovery with a clearer mind and a better ability to focus on what’s important–recovery. We partner with detox centers specializing in youth recovery, so your teen has the best chance of addiction treatment success.

Supplemental Psychiatry & Medication Management 

Medication is a useful tool in treating alcohol or drug addiction for some teenagers. The use of medication or supplemental psychiatry services is not necessary for every teen we work with. Still, these services are available for those who need extra support during this part of their journey.

Healing Modalities Employed During Treatment for Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) aims to change unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns, the root cause of psychological issues, by teaching coping skills and encouraging conscious changes in thought processes. This form of therapy is particularly helpful in substance abuse recovery.


The Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving (STEPPS) program aims to support emotionally intense teens, especially when combined with other treatments like medication therapy and individual therapy. The group therapy program educates teens on emotional regulation and helps them develop coping skills to prevent relapse.

Adolescent Trauma Therapy 

Trauma is the root cause of many substance use disorders and mental health conditions. Trauma-informed therapy is for adolescents who have experienced early trauma, focusing on post-traumatic stress, mood disorders, and substance use disorders due to physical abuse, violence, or loss. Cognitive-behavioral techniques are used to help reframe harmful thinking and actions, leading to a more positive outcome.

Multidimensional Family Therapy 

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) is a comprehensive program that addresses adolescent substance use and mental health or behavioral issues through a family-centered approach. MDFT includes individual sessions with the teen and parents and family sessions that unite everyone. This form of therapy aims to improve communication and conflict reduction and strengthen the family unit as a whole.

Group Therapy 

At the core of recovery is connection. Group therapy provides a safe, supportive environment where adolescents with shared experiences can work through their challenges together with the guidance of a mental health professional. This form of therapy leverages the social tendencies of teens to help them enhance their social skills, take responsibility, and develop positive coping strategies.

The Ember Recovery Difference

We don’t just treat drug and alcohol abuse: we treat the whole person. Humanity is the Ember Recovery difference.

Youth-Centric Healing 

We take a trauma-informed approach to drug and alcohol treatment for teens in Iowa. Our holistic drug treatment plans are the first of their kind in the state.

Gender-Specific Care 

We recognize that teen boys and teen girls have different needs regarding drug abuse treatment. Our gender-specific programs and residential facilities help teens develop healthy coping skills, foster healthy relationships, and learn positive coping strategies among their peers.

Education Support 

Your child shouldn’t have to choose between getting an education and entering treatment. We design our treatment programs to help your teen make up any high school credits and stay on top of coursework while remaining committed to full-time recovery.

Warm, Comforting, Environment

Treatment shouldn’t feel cold and unwelcoming, nor should it feel like a punishment or institution. Our facility is designed to feel like home so that your teen can heal in a warm, comforting, familiar environment.

Family-First Approach 

Family is at the heart of healing. We are a proud licensed provider of the Strengthening Families program and include family weekends, virtual family sessions, and family therapy as a core part of our programming.


Healing isn’t just for now–it’s for life. Our future-focused approach helps guide your child away from the path of juvenile detention and prison. We believe that every teen, no matter their situation, can be helped and healed.

Inclusive, Judgement-Free Programs for Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA

Whether you’re coming from Des Moines, Ames, somewhere else in central Iowa, or beyond, help is available.

Call and speak with a member of our treatment center to explore treatment options and find out how our substance abuse programs for youth near you in Cambridge IA can help get your teen back on the right path–for life.