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Mental health and substance use in adolescents is an escalating epidemic. Increased stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to rising risk factors for addiction in teen girls. In addition, many of our teen girls struggle with unrealistic social expectations, self-image, social media influences, and the pressures of 21st-century teen life.

They may be feeling lost, alone, and out of options. They turn to substances to provide fleeting relief from their undesirable symptoms of anxiety, life circumstances, stress, or family and academic pressures.

But that momentary relief comes at a cost. To recover beyond their addiction, they need compassion.
They require understanding. And they must receive effective treatment.

At Ember Recovery, we will work with your teen to identify and address the root causes of substance use. Together, we will navigate holistic treatment to foster lasting recovery, healing, and hope.

What Does Inpatient Drug Rehab For Girls Look Like At Ember Recovery?

Before beginning treatment, each patient will undergo a detailed intake assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment path for them and their unique needs.

Once that is completed, they will be admitted to their house, and treatment can begin.

Comfortable and Homey Accommodations

Set in traditional and cozy homes, Ember Recovery is the farthest thing from a sterile or hospital-like environment. Our girl’s home has been modified to suit teen group living, where each youth will receive treatment and have access to 24/7 monitoring and support. To set your mind at ease, all our homes offer inclusive treatment for LGBTQIA+ teens and approach their treatment to suit their individual needs.

Ember Seven-21 House for Girls
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Evidence-Based and Effective Therapies

We believe holistic treatment is required to address all aspects of each teen’s treatment from the inside out. Modalities are designed to treat their mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual well-being.

Teens will participate in everything from individual therapy sessions and Cognitive Behavioral Health to Experiential therapy and group therapy activities. Teens develop strong coping skills within each treatment to help them live healthier lives.

Professionals Dedicated to Adolescent Recovery

With industry expert physicians, leadership, psychologists, clinicians, nurses, licensed support workers, and house staff, we’re all working together to ensure each teen receives the highest possible care and attention.

Our goal is recovery, not simply sobriety. Everything we do and facilitate is designed to help teens develop a lifetime of healing and recovery.

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Access to 24/7 Support

Overcoming substance use is often a difficult journey. Our drug rehab for girls offers 24/7 supervision and support to ensure patient safety and comfort while living in our residential treatment facility. From admissions to aftercare plans, we’re here to support you and your teen every step of the way.

Life Skills Assistance

Our desire is to see each teen treated, recovered, and reintegrated back into their daily routine. In that effort, we assist in helping them keep up on essential life skills to develop more independence and prepare them to return to their regular responsibilities.

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Education in residential treatment

Academic Support

No adolescent’s education should suffer due to their struggle with substance use. Ember Recovery works closely with the different school districts, teachers, and parents to ensure each teen can maintain their studies while receiving full-time treatment.

We aim to help students reintegrate into their studies as seamlessly as possible, empowered to pick up where they left off.

Nature-Infused Setting

Plant life is well-known to have a natural calming effect. This state inspires reflection, relaxation, and tranquility.

We have designed our treatment spaces to reflect natural light and plant life to nurture a recovery-driven environment.

Outdoor activities at Ember Recovery

What Is Residential Drug Rehab For Teen Girls?

Inpatient addiction treatment for teen girls blends their living environment with daily evidence-based rehabilitation treatment. Girls and LGBTQIA+ teens are supervised, supported, and treated in the same home-like space.

Their meals, therapeutic activities, group sessions, and individual therapies take place on-site, providing ample opportunities for peer support and coping skill practice.

Teens participate in various evidence-based therapies administered from a gender-specific and holistically responsive approach.

In their home away from home, they will rest and reflect in a comfortable space monitored by vetted industry professionals and attended by support staff. We encourage family members to visit during the appointed times and to attend Family Therapy sessions as well as our Strengthening Families Weekends.

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Residential Drug Treatment Vs. Outpatient Treatment: What’s The Difference?

Outpatient treatment programs require weekly, sometimes daily, treatment sessions, but the patient is not required to live in a designated home or facility. Outpatient programs are designed for teens who have already completed an inpatient program and have reached a greater level of self-sufficiency in their recovery. Some outpatient treatment programs may be appropriate for mild addictions or behavioral concerns.

Inpatient or residential treatment programs require teens to conduct all of life on-site, from meals and treatment to peer activities and academic studies. This treatment model provides teen girls with a distraction-free environment where they are empowered to focus solely on their healing and recovery without outside pressures or influences.

Teens admitted to Ember Recovery should expect to eat, sleep, live, and recover together with peers and under the supervision of experienced and vetted support staff.

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Which Drug Addiction Treatment Program Is Best For My Teen?

To determine the most appropriate level of care for your teen, contact Ember Recovery today to discuss their unique needs.

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