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Residential Programs for Youth

Teen substance use is a problem in the U.S.

Many teens misuse prescription drugs, engage in marijuana use, or drink alcohol at home or parties. The residential program for youth offered by Ember Recovery is Iowa’s answer to the increased need for adolescent addiction treatment.

As substance use continues, it can have widespread effects on health and development, including negative effects on memory, learning, moods, and impulse control.[1] And the earlier teens start using substances, the greater the likelihood they’ll continue and develop substance use problems later in life.[1]

Gender-Specific and Inclusive Residential Programs for Youth

Boy’s Inpatient Residential Treatment

Our male residential treatment house is a comfortable and safe environment for successful treatment. We have found, and the research agrees, that a gender-responsive residential treatment program is most effective at treating addiction and any underlying mental health issues. Many of our teens come to us with trauma, and our trauma-informed care model is set up to heal from past trauma and thrive in recovery.

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Girl’s Inpatient Residential Treatment

Our female residential treatment house provides a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for adolescent addiction treatment. Our gender-responsive programming gives young women the skills and support they need to find a path forward in recovery. As with our male treatment houses, females have the opportunity to work through our evidence-based trauma-informed care model to heal from any past trauma and underlying mental health issues.

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LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Addiction Treatment

We understand that not every teen will feel comfortable residing with peers of the gender they were assigned at birth. Ember Recovery is an inclusive addiction treatment provider and will work with the family to determine the best fit for each individual in our adolescent recovery programs.

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Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When someone is struggling with addiction and also has another mental health condition, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary. Dual diagnosis is also known as co-occurring. Even when a teen doesn’t have a diagnosed mental health disorder, we often discover that they turned to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism for depression, anxiety, or other disorders. Ember Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment to ensure that both the addiction and the underlying mental health concern are treated simultaneously. This offers the best outcomes for lasting recovery for those in need of comprehensive treatment.

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Detox Referrals

If alcohol or drug detox is required, Ember Recovery will make a referral to an established licensed medical detox facility before the residential treatment program. It can be dangerous to attempt detox on your own, sometimes even deadly. If you aren’t sure if detox is recommended for your teen, our professionals can make recommendations following your initial assessment. Once the withdrawal symptoms are safely managed and detox is complete, your teen can begin our residential program for youth in one of our campuses.

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Individualized Recovery Plan

We believe each person is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach to adolescent addiction treatment is inappropriate. While the programming and therapies offered by Ember Recovery are available to every one of our clients, some programs and therapies are more beneficial than others depending on the individual’s circumstances, personality, experiences, and background.

During the initial assessment, recommendations may be made, but we are always checking in with our teens to ensure that they progress in their journey with us, not only to complete their program but to thrive in lasting recovery.

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Supplemental Service: Psychiatry and Medication Management

While not necessary for every teen that we work with, psychiatric medication management can be extremely beneficial for some youth. If medications are needed during treatment, Ember Recovery has licensed providers on staff for prescriptions and medication management.

Rest assured, a prescription medication will not be used alone – rather in conjunction with other behavioral health services and therapies. Medications are not appropriate for everyone, and our staff is very careful in their considerations of whether medication is appropriate.

The goal of medication management is not to “cure” a teen from mental illness, but rather it offers a multifaceted approach to treatment, aligning with our goal of individualized treatment for each teen. Often medication is used for a stabilization period allowing a teen the ability to begin the work of their other therapies.

Aftercare Recovery Planning

Parents are often very concerned about what will happen once their child leaves their adolescent treatment program. Aftercare recovery planning is an integral part of our residential programs for youth.

We assign a teen advocate to each client at the start of their treatment who will work with your teen throughout treatment. This helps to build a strong bond and the start of a support system to carry over to their aftercare program.

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Academic Services and Support During Treatment

In addition to the comprehensive therapies and behavioral health programming teens participate in, Ember Recovery ensures that the academic needs of our clients are met during treatment. We understand that many teens are falling behind in their school coursework when they begin treatment. Our goal is to work alongside each teen to get them back on track. Many of our clients not only catch up in their schooling while they are with us, but are able to get ahead in their academics. Physical education and music and arts education are also part of our academic services.

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Why Choose Our Residential Programs for Youth

Ember Recovery is an experiential, trauma-informed recovery treatment program. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming place to provide crisis stabilization, shelter, and residential addiction treatment to not only address the immediate needs of the youth, but also the needs as they transition back to their home and community.

A Lifetime of Support for a Lifetime of Recovery

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