Teen Drug Rehab in Iowa

Drug addiction is a major issue among teens, especially in Iowa. It can be tough for families to cope with the reality of a teen’s addiction and find the right Iowa drug treatment programs for youth. Ember Recovery is dedicated to providing recovery services for youth who suffer from addiction. Our individualized programs include boys’ rehab, girls’ rehab, aftercare, dual diagnosis, detox referrals, and numerous therapies.

Introduction to Ember Recovery

Ember Recovery specializes in creating an effective drug rehabilitation program customized to fit each client’s specific needs. Our rehab is tailored specifically for teens in order to provide the best care possible while they are away from home. Our team consists of experienced mental health professionals, certified counselors, and other addiction specialists that understand the unique problems and dynamics adolescents face when battling addiction. Count on us for the best Iowa drug treatment programs for youth.

The Need for Teen Rehab

The most effective way to treat teen addiction is by contacting a teen rehab like Ember Recovery. We provide comprehensive treatment plans tailored to address each teen’s individual needs in an effort to help them become sober for life. At Ember Recovery, we offer specialized programs such as our boy’s rehab and girls’ rehab, which focus on gender-specific issues and support from both staff members and peers alike. Aftercare services are also available so that teens have continued support during their transition into sober living.

Dual Diagnosis & Detox Services

Our dual diagnosis program offers integrated treatments that address both mental health issues as well as substance use disorders at once. Therapeutic modalities we use include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-informed care (TIC), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and more than 20 evidence-based therapeutic interventions that provide long-term results for our clients struggling with addiction or co-occurring disorders like anxiety or depression. In addition, we offer referral services for medical detoxification if needed before treatment begins at Ember Recovery, as it is sometimes necessary before entering therapy or any kind of long-term rehabilitation facility.

Therapeutic Rehab Services at Ember Recovery

At Ember Recovery, our therapists utilize a variety of psychoeducational activities, group counseling sessions, and skill-building exercises designed to equip young adults with tools they will need throughout their entire journey of healing and recovery from their addictions.

We also offer experiential opportunities such as art therapy twelve-step meetings, animal-assisted sober living camps, experiential pharmacology classes, outdoor adventures, mindfulness practice sessions, and yoga, among many other innovative approaches aimed at helping teenagers overcome their addictions while exploring new ways of being productive citizens within society.


  • Ember Recovery offers specialized treatment plans tailored specifically for teens with addictions.
  • Best Iowa drug treatment programs for youth.
  • Dual diagnosis program treats both mental health issues & substance use disorders.
  • Therapeutic modalities used include CBT, TIC, DBT & EMDR
  • Experiential activities & skill-building equip teens with tools needed throughout the healing journey

Teens suffering from addiction need specialized care that addresses their unique needs and situations. At Ember Recovery, we provide a supportive environment where young people can work towards sobriety with confidence, knowing they are surrounded by professionals that understand what they are going through. We encourage readers to contact us today so their loved ones can begin their journey towards recovery.

Iowa drug treatment programs for youth

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