Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA: Healthy Coping Skills for Teen Stress and Anxiety
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Research has shown that stress can be a significant contributing factor to drug and alcohol use.[1] It has also been shown to be a driving force in relapse once a patient reaches sobriety. When teens face a variety of stressors, they may choose to deal with them by turning to drugs or alcohol rather than finding other coping skills. This is why it is so crucial for teens to find other outlets to relax and reduce stress and anxiety. We will provide some options for your teen and examine how Ember Recovery helps young adults battle teen substance abuse in Cambridge, IA.
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What are Coping Strategies in the Battle Against Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA?

Coping strategies are what people use to manage stress effectively.[2] Managing stress can help people feel better physically and psychologically. Since everyone deals with stress differently, teens must find the best solutions. There are a variety of methods that can be used simultaneously to achieve the best outcome.

Healthy Coping Skills for Teens to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital to help teens battle stress. It helps to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Experts recommend that teens receive 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night.[3]

Help your teen set a sleeping schedule to get enough rest to function and relieve stress. A routine that includes reading a book or meditation can help the mind relax and improve sleep.


Physical activity is a significant stress reliever for teens as it helps to elevate mood and release endorphins. Exercising can also help the body deal with its flight or fight response to deal with stress and lead to a positive effect on the cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems by protecting the body from stress.[3]

Encourage your teen to walk, hit the gym, or play a sport they love. They can do this with you or a friend if they need the motivation and support to get moving. Being with another person can also help to ward off feelings of isolation, which can also lead to stress and anxiety.


Meditating and being mindful can help teens positively deal with their stress. Studies examining the power of mindfulness training found that teens who learned mindfulness had noticeably less mental distress than teens who did not. [4] Various online video tutorials can help to guide your teen in meditation training.


Expressing oneself by writing can also help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Writing about feelings, especially positive feelings, and things that you’re grateful for, can help to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Buy your teen a notebook to encourage them to begin journaling to alleviate stress.

Creative Expression

Many teens find that finding a creative outlet to express their thoughts can also help them deal with stress and anxiety. Conveying emotions through painting, drawing, or playing music can prove to be a therapeutic outlet that can keep teens from turning to drugs or alcohol. They must realize they don’t have to be a star artist or musician to benefit from this creative expression. Just taking part in the activity can have its benefits.

Positive Affirmations As A Tool to Fight Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA

Replacing negative thoughts with positive statements can help to influence behavior and improve a teen’s mindset. By trying positive affirmations, teens can learn to build self-esteem and resilience, vital to staying sober and preventing relapse.

Some positive affirmations include:

  • I like who I am.
  • I am worthy of respect and love.
  • I am talented and kind and have skills that will help me succeed.
  • I choose to love myself unconditionally.
  • I am enough.

Help your teen to incorporate these positive affirmations into their daily routine and see how they help to deal with stress.


Visualization involves imagining a peaceful scene or outcome. This type of exercise can help teens remain positive and reduce anxiety.

When teens start to feel stressed, encourage them to visualize a setting that makes them happy or reach a goal they have in mind. These types of images can help teens relax, which, in turn, reduces stress.

Treating Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA, at Ember Recovery

The team at Ember Recovery is committed to helping teens cope with substance abuse and all of the challenges that follow once sobriety is reached. We have a vast selection of therapies and programs tailored to each teen’s needs and aftercare recovery planning to help teens navigate once they complete their program. Contact Ember Recovery today to learn more about our programs and how we treat teen substance abuse in Cambridge, IA.



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