Adolescent Drug Rehab and Aftercare Planning: Sustaining Recovery Beyond Treatment
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While seeking addiction treatment at an adolescent drug rehab and completing a program is crucial for a teen to overcome a substance use addiction, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Once a teen completes their program and re-enter the real world, they will be faced with temptations and triggers that can cause them to relapse. Aftercare planning is a crucial component of the treatment process to prevent this from happening. Without a proper plan, all of the effort that teens put into their treatment program may be lost.

We will look at what is included in aftercare planning for teens and how Ember Recovery helps teens in every step.

The Importance of Aftercare Planning With An Adolescent Drug Rehab

Studies show that between 40 to 60 percent of people relapse after getting sober during an addiction treatment program.[1] This is why aftercare is one of the most essential elements of a teen’s substance use recovery. It provides the ongoing support they need to maintain sobriety while navigating the daily challenges of life that can put this in jeopardy.

An aftercare program helps teens manage their fears and prevent relapse over the long term. The goal is to give them the support they need and the tools to be successful and confident on their own.

If a teen is in a residential program for their addiction, getting back to school and the natural world can be overwhelming and trigger old habits. But, with an aftercare plan, teens will have the guidance they need to overcome these triggers and remain sober.

How Long Do Aftercare Programs Last?

While most aftercare programs last several months to a year or more, the duration is not pre-determined. It can go as long as a teen needs to address the struggles they are facing following their treatment program.

What Does Aftercare Planning At An Adolescent Drug Rehab Include?

Aftercare planning can include a combination of resources aimed at helping your teen remain sober following their treatment for a substance use disorder.

Ongoing Therapy

Individual therapy sessions can be part of the aftercare plan to give teens a safe space to discuss their emotions and any triggers they encounter. These sessions provide teens with a dedicated therapist who understands their needs.

Family therapy can also be part of the plan to help strengthen the family dynamic. During these sessions, teens can discuss what their family members can do to support their quest to remain sober.

Support Groups

Many teens may find that support groups with their peers also help them to remain sober. During these sessions, teens can talk about their difficulties post-treatment. They will very likely encounter peers who are facing the same challenges. Together, they can help each other get through the difficult times.

Being part of a support group can also give teens access to people who have been successful in staying sober post-treatment. Speakers will often attend these groups to motivate teens to remain sober.

Relapse Prevention Strategies With An Adolescent Drug Rehab

Teens can also learn relapse prevention strategies to keep them on a sober path. This can include finding new hobbies, participating in creative therapies, journaling, meditating, and exercising. All of these can help teens to minimize the stress they may be feeling that can lead them to relapse.

Sober Activities

Finding sober activities can be difficult for teens who have finished a treatment program. Part of aftercare planning is finding fun activities that teens can do without worrying about being pressured to use substances. Parents can plan these activities at their homes to ensure their teens have a safe place to have fun and remain social.


Self-care is an essential part of aftercare planning. If teens don’t care for themselves, they may be tempted to return to their old habits. Self-care includes eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Doing things can help teens to reduce temptation and stay on their sober path. They will feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally, which can decrease their chance of relapsing.

Are You Looking for an Adolescent Drug Rehab Center? Contact Ember Recovery

Ember Recovery recognizes the importance of aftercare planning, which is why it is a part of the programs we offer to teens. We help teens successfully re-enter the real world with the tools they need to remain sober. Our aftercare planning program includes continued counseling, family therapy, and recovery support groups. We will help each teen devise an aftercare plan that fits their needs. The Ember Recovery team is committed to helping teens overcome their substance use and maintain lifelong sobriety.

Contact the Ember Recovery team today to learn more about our residential treatment programs, detox referrals, aftercare planning, and much more.