Boosting Teen Self-Esteem At An Adolescent Addiction Treatment in Cambridge IA
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Teens can learn life-changing skills at adolescent addiction treatment in Cambridge, IA, such as positive affirmations like these:

“I can do this.”

“I matter.”

“My addiction does not control me.”

Positive self-affirmations have been scientifically proven to reduce the stress of external threats, such as drugs and alcohol. [1] Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool in your teen’s road to recovery to help boost self-esteem and help them manifest the changes they want to make. We will look closer at how positive affirmations can improve self-esteem for teens in adolescent addiction treatment in Cambridge, IA, and how they can incorporate them into their daily programs.

Emotional Challenges Teens Face During Recovery


Teens can face many emotional challenges during their recovery that hinder the process. Low self-esteem is one significant issue that many teens face from the onset of their addiction through their recovery. Researchers have found that low self-esteem has been linked to the beginning of drug use and is directly connected to behavioral addictions. [2]

Having low self-esteem during recovery can make teens feel as though they are not worthy of treatment or that they don’t have the stamina to be successful. Both of these can be detrimental to the treatment process.

If teens don’t have a solid support system, they may not get the encouragement they need to fuel their motivation to succeed. This can impact their self-esteem as well. Teens may also feel guilt or shame during their recovery, which can also hinder the recovery process.

The Impact of Positive Affirmations on the Recovery Process

Impact of positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are daily reminders of what you’re trying to accomplish, why it’s essential, and how it will benefit you. They can help keep teens focused and away from the substances that lead them to their treatment program.

Affirmations can be a source of energy, support, and strength. They can help to distract teens from negative feelings that may have developed as a result of their addiction.

Scientific evidence shows that specific neural pathways are increased when people practice self-affirmations. [1] Studies have shown that when people practice positive affirmation, they can better view “otherwise threatening information as more self-relevant and valuable.” [1]

Other research has shown that for people with low self-esteem, self-affirmations can help to improve attitudes and make them more receptive and motivated to participate in recovery and treatment. [3] This can be helpful for teens with low self-esteem who are trying to carve their path to recovery. By incorporating positive affirmations, they can begin to believe in themselves and work past their substance abuse.

How to Incorporate Positive Affirmations in Adolescent Addiction Treatment Programs

Incorporating positive affirmations into addiction treatment plan

Practicing positive affirmations can help teens build their self-esteem and boost their resilience and motivation in recovery. Statistics show that resilience learned over time can help lower the relapse risk. [4] When teens begin to believe they can overcome their addiction, they will be more likely to stay on the path to recovery.

Here are some tips to help your teen make positive affirmations:

  • Always make affirmations personal using “I” and “me” rather than “you” or “they.”
  • Encourage them to use self-affirmations such as “I am valuable.”, “I am loved.” “I am proud of the changes I’ve made.”
  • Say them often and out loud.
  • Repeat them so that they become embedded in your mind. Have your teen look in the mirror as they repeat them to help reinforce the message.
  • Write them down and place them throughout the house so they become constant reminders.

If your teen is particularly apprehensive about making positive affirmations because they feel silly or out of place, do it with them. All they need is support.

Provide the support system they need to overcome doubts and negative self-talk. Moreover, support groups can also be instrumental in this area. They can help to give teens the encouragement they need to boost their self-esteem and stay on the path to recovery.

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