Teen Sober Activities: Fun and Substance-Free Pastimes
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When teens complete a treatment program for a substance abuse disorder, they want to regain their social life but need to learn how to do so while remaining sober. Finding fun teen sober activities can help them still have relationships with their peers while continuing their recovery. Relapse prevention is a big part of the recovery process, so finding these activities can help make or break your teen’s efforts.

We have several ideas you can share with your teen to help them spend their free time in a sober environment.

Ideas for Fun Teen Sober Activities

After Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA: Relearning to Thrive in Sober Social Circles

Movie Nights

Help your teen plan a movie night or take a couple of their friends to see a movie at a theater. Home movie nights can be fun (and less expensive!) because you can incorporate other activities with your movie viewing. Your teen can create a personalized snack bar with popcorn, candy, and other treats. You can even get some slushies to bring home!

If the weather allows, your teen can host the movie night outside. It is always fun to add a little twist to a regular movie night. If your space allows, you can even have a small bonfire afterward and make some smores.

Sports Game or Outdoor Game Day For Teen Sober Activities

Encourage your teen to get their game on! Whether it’s an indoor day at the batting cages or a game of flag football outside, plenty of sports can serve as fun, sober activities.

Some teens may enjoy a little throwback game day with activities like kickball. Even adults enjoy a good game of kickball from time to time!

Exercising, whether indoors or outdoors, can have a positive effect on your teen’s mental health. Endorphins are released post-exercise to help boost mood and bring an overall enhanced sense of well-being [1]. This can be highly beneficial for teens who may have been battling or continue to face mental health issues with their substance use disorder.

Plan A Beach Day for Teen Sober Activities

Plan a Beach Day

Your teen can plan a beach day with their friends when the weather allows. Grab a frisbee or football for the day and soak up some sun. Hit the water with some bodyboards or maybe even a small kayak. Take advantage of all your area offers for this fun and sober teen activity.

Plan a Fancy Dinner

Getting dressed up shouldn’t be saved for the prom or graduation. Your teen can dress up and meet friends at a nice restaurant for a group dinner. This is an excellent way for your teen to feel like an adult while dining in a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive-thru!

Cook a Meal at Home with Friends As One Of Your Teen Sober Activities

If your teen enjoys whipping up a new recipe and has friends who share the same interests, having a night at home to cook a meal can be a fun and sober activity for them. Each guest can bring ingredients for a part of the meal. All of the teens can put on their chef hats and get cooking. This is not only a sober activity they can share with friends, but it also helps them build those much-needed culinary skills.

Teen Sober Activities: Self-Care Day

Go Camping

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, a camping trip can be a fun and sober activity for your teen. Your camping trip can include fishing, hiking, and whatever else your teen enjoys doing. Spending a night under the stars can promote relaxation in what can still be a stressful time as your teen learns how to remain sober in the post-rehab world.

Plan a Self-Care Day

Your teen can turn your living room into a home spa. Plan a self-care day at home filled with facials, manicures, pedicures, and relaxation. Let your teen take the necessary self-care time during recovery while spending some much-needed time with friends.

Any of these teen sober activities can allow your child to have fun while remaining on track.

Seek Treatment for Teen Substance Abuse at Ember Recovery

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[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC474733/