Teen Treatment Centers, Iowa: The Influence of Family-Centered Therapy
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Research indicates that people who have family support are more likely to stay sober and remain in treatment, which is one of the reasons why family-centered therapy is often implemented in treatment programs [1]. If you have a teen with a substance abuse problem, family therapy can have a positive effect on your child’s recovery. We will explore some benefits of family-centered therapy at teen treatment centers in Iowa and how Ember Recovery can help.

What is Family Therapy at Teen Treatment Centers, Iowa?

Family therapy is a type of group talk therapy that focuses on improving family relationships [2]. In a substance abuse treatment center, family therapy can be used to help teens get the support they need as they improve these relationships and work toward their recovery.

While family therapy can include blood relatives, it can also include guardians, friends, and caregivers. A licensed mental health professional trained to work with families leads the sessions and helps guide the discussions.

How Family-Centered Therapy at Teen Treatment Centers, Iowa Influences Substance Abuse Treatment

When families and loved ones begin family therapy, issues that contribute to a teen’s substance abuse are often raised. This can help teens positively discuss these problems and how to deal with them together.

Here are some ways that family therapy can be a positive influence:

Improves Relationships

Broken family relationships can be difficult to heal on their own. The unit learns how to discuss their problems and heal through family therapy. Without family therapy, these issues can fester and cause future problems. By talking through issues with a trained professional, teens can learn to rely on their loved ones through treatment.

Educates About What to Expect

Through family therapy, teens and family members can learn what to expect during the treatment and recovery. This is beneficial because everyone can understand that some things they are feeling and going through are all part of the process. This understanding can help create a smoother journey for everyone involved. Family therapy sessions also allow everyone to ask questions about the process and how it will impact them and their relationships.

Cultivates Empathy

Many family members may be unfamiliar with what their teen is going through. Family therapy can help cultivate empathy as teens discuss and express their thoughts. Many family members need to be a part of the process to better understand substance abuse issues.

Establishes Coping Strategies

During family therapy sessions, coping strategies can be discussed to help your teen deal with triggers and resist temptation. As a family unit, everyone can learn these coping strategies and how to support teens when these situations arise.

Can Help with Mental Health Issues

Family therapy programs can help teens dealing with mental health issues as well as substance abuse disorders. Many times, mental health issues trigger substance abuse, or substance use leads to a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety. In either case, teens can learn more about these issues as the family unit also educates itself on the impact and how they can help.

Creates a Safe Space and Emotional Support

Family therapy sessions are safe spaces for teens and family members to express their thoughts and emotions. It is a non-judgmental zone where everyone can talk and listen. Having the help of a trained professional can keep these discussions structured and going in the right direction.

As teens and family members discuss their thoughts, teens can receive the emotional support they need during their treatment. This emotional support is necessary not only during treatment but also during the entire recovery process so that teens can maintain sobriety once they achieve it.

Are You Seeking Programs from Teen Treatment Centers, Iowa? Let Ember Recovery Help

Ember Recovery offers a variety of family therapies to help teens overcome substance abuse issues. These include:

Since each teen’s addiction treatment will differ, so will the type of family therapy that is best suited for them. Contact Ember Recovery today to learn more about our family therapy programs, residential treatment programs, and our entire treatment center.



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