As a parent of a teen struggling with substance abuse or co-occurring emotional and behavioral issues, you understand the meaning of stress, sadness, and overwhelm. You worry for your teen’s health, safety, and future. You may not know how to help them or where even to begin. Ember Recovery offers residential programs for youth struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Not every teen will benefit from a short-term or outpatient program. Some individuals need a higher level of care and more intensive treatment. Residential programs for youth can help make your teen–and your family–whole again.

Iowa’s Premier Treatment Center Offering Residential Programs for Youth 

Welcoming and Affirming Care for LGBTQIA+ Youth

At our residential treatment center for youth near you in Ames IA, we believe in creating a safe and accepting space for all LGBTQIA+ youth, recognizing their unique challenges.

Tailored Path to Healing 

Our providers understand that each person’s struggle with addiction is unique, and their journey to recovery should reflect that. That’s why we develop customized treatment plans to meet the needs of each individual in our program.

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Services as a Whole 

When mental health conditions and addiction co-exist, it’s known as a dual diagnosis. Young people with mental health concerns are at a heightened risk for substance abuse. Ember Recovery prioritizes a holistic approach to care, addressing both mental and addiction issues for the best outcome.

Committed Aftercare for Sustained Recovery 

Completing rehab is just the start of a life of wellness. Our aftercare program provides ongoing support to help your teen stay on track and thrive after treatment.

Detoxification Services

Detox is a critical step before entering into residential programs for youth in Ames IA. Our referral partner helps your teen reach physical stabilization before entering into treatment.

Optional Medication & Psychiatric Services 

While not necessary for everyone, medication, and psychiatry can offer extra support during recovery. We make these resources available to those who may benefit from them.

Evidence-Based Youth Residential Treatment


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that helps your teen address psychological struggles related to drug or alcohol abuse. It teaches valuable coping skills and promotes positive changes in thought patterns to help your teen achieve lasting recovery.


The STEPPS program is designed to provide your teen with a supportive environment for learning how to regulate emotions and prevent relapse. Combining this program with medication therapy and individual therapy sessions can positively impact your teen’s journey toward healing.

Trauma Therapy 

If your teen has experienced trauma, it can contribute to substance use and mental health problems. Trauma-focused therapy helps reframe negative thoughts and actions, using cognitive-behavioral techniques to promote holistic healing.

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) 

Multidimensional family therapy (MDFT) focuses on substance abuse and mental health concerns through a family-centered approach, with individual sessions for the whole family. The goal is to improve communication, reduce conflicts, and strengthen your family as a unit during your teen’s substance use treatment.

Group Therapy 

Group therapy provides a community for healing where your teen can work through challenges with peers facing similar struggles. Guided by our mental health treatment team, your teen can learn how to prevent relapse, develop stronger coping skills, and communicate openly and effectively with others.

Residential Programs for Teens Using Drugs or Alcohol

At Ember Recovery, we recognize the significance of treating not just the addiction but the whole person with understanding. Our approach to residential programs for youth is rooted in compassion and steeped in empathy.

Personalized Treatment for Youth

For treatment to work, meeting your teen where they are is important. We consider adolescents’ unique needs and offer trauma-informed individualized treatment plans. Our holistic approach sets the standard for care in the state.

Gender-Specific Programs 

We understand that the needs of boys and girls in drug treatment may differ. Our gender-specific programs and residential facilities provide a supportive atmosphere for healthy coping skills and positive relationships.

Education-Oriented Approach

We believe that recovery should not impede a teen’s education. That’s why we work with local academic programs that help them catch up on school work and continue their studies while in treatment.

Comfortable & Home-Like Feel

We aim to make substance abuse treatment feel supportive and not like a punishment. Our group homes are designed to feel warm and comforting, providing an ideal environment for healing.

Family-Focused Support 

Families play a vital role in recovery. We offer a range of family-focused activities, including family weekends, virtual family counseling, and in-person family therapy, to support the healing process.

Future-Oriented Outlook 

We understand that healing from substance abuse is a lifelong journey and are committed to helping your adolescent child stay on the path of recovery. Our future-focused approach helps your teen reach their full potential as young adults and beyond.

Ember Recovery:  Residential Programs for Youth

At Ember Recovery, we know that behavioral problems, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and struggle don’t have to be your teen’s future.

Call and speak to our admissions department today and find out how our youth residential services can help your teen regain control of their future.