What to Expect From an Adolescent Treatment Program in Iowa
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If your teen has a substance abuse problem, seeking treatment is the best way to get them on the path to sobriety. Enrolling them in a program specifically for teens can allow them to be with their peers and receive a treatment plan that targets the issues they are going through. Ember Recovery offers a successful adolescent treatment program in Iowa for young people ages 12-17 and 18-24 in two separate programs. As we look at what our programs provide, we’ll also explore the advantages of a teen treatment program.

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Aspects of an Adolescent Treatment Program in Iowa

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues are a common underlying problem for teens dealing with a substance use disorder. Research shows that of 10,000 adolescents surveyed for one study, two-thirds of those who developed alcohol or substance use disorders experienced at least one mental health disorder.[1] This is why programs will also address a teen’s mental health as they treat their substance use disorder.

Different Types of Therapies

Many different types of therapies can be implemented in a treatment plan, including:

  • Individualized therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions

Programs may also offer detox or detox referrals to help teens who need to be medically supervised while trying to rid their bodies of substances.

Aftercare & Relapse Prevention

A solid adolescent treatment program in Iowa will also offer aftercare planning and relapse prevention tips. These can help teens live successful, sober lives in the real world. They learn how to manage triggers and temptations so that they can stay on the sober path.

Adolescent Treatment Programs at Ember Recovery

Ember Recovery offers gender-specific residential treatment programs for teens. We have found that a gender-responsive residential treatment program is most effective at treating addiction and underlying mental health issues. Many teens have past trauma that needs to be addressed along with their substance abuse disorder.

We also understand that not all teens feel comfortable living with peers of the gender they were assigned at birth. This is why we also offer LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Addiction Treatment.

We provide access to a variety of treatment programs at Ember Recovery, including:

Individualized Recovery

We know that everyone needs a different treatment plan to be successful. This is why we offer individualized treatment plans.

Dual Diagnosis

Many teens are dealing with mental health issues along with their substance abuse disorder. Consequently, we offer a dual diagnosis program so that we can treat the mental health issue as we are treating the substance abuse disorder.

Detox Referrals

Many teens need a medically supervised detox before entering our residential addiction program. We can provide referrals to a local hospital so your teen gets the help they need.

Aftercare Recovery Planning

Dealing with life after a treatment program is critical. We help teens develop a plan to stay sober once their program is over.

Our treatment plans can include several different types of therapies. We offer:

Trauma Therapy

Many teens who use substances do so to help deal with emotional pain and trauma. This program helps them deal with the underlying trauma in their lives.

Multidimensional Family Program

This program helps teens and their parents improve their relationships and reconnect.

Strengthening Families Program

This program helps to bring families together to address substance use and other troubling behaviors.

Advantages of an Adolescent Treatment Program in Iowa

When teens participate in a program designed for their age group, they will get the treatment that deals with their specific problems. Their issues will be different from those of adults and must be addressed.

They will also learn that they are not the only ones dealing with an addiction. They can learn from their peers and form new friendships. These friends will have the same goals and can become a source of support when times get tough.

When your teen enters an adolescent treatment program in Iowa, they must have realistic expectations. Being sober will take time and may include a variety of treatments. There is also a chance of relapse. When this happens, teens should:

  • Avoid people or places that can trigger a relapse
  • Find new hobbies to keep them occupied
  • Develop new friendships with peers who don’t use substances
  • Turn to a support group

If your teen does relapse, it’s essential to encourage them to get back on track and be sure they know they can still live a sober life.

Enroll in an Adolescent Treatment Program in Iowa at Ember Recovery

If your teen is ready to enroll in an adolescent treatment program in Iowa, the team at Ember Recovery is here to help. Our experienced professionals will create an individualized treatment program to suit your teen’s needs and get them on the road to sobriety. We will also give them the tools they need to remain sober. Call us today or contact us online to learn more.



[1] https://childmind.org/article/mental-health-disorders-and-substance-use/