What are the Benefits of Adolescent-Specific Rehab?
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When your teen has a substance abuse disorder, seeking the right type of treatment is crucial for recovery and sobriety. Adolescent-specific rehab can be especially beneficial for teens because it exclusively deals with that age group and the unique needs and challenges that teens face. We’ll take a look at the benefits of this type of rehab and what types of addiction treatment are available for teens at Ember Recovery.

How Adolescent-Specific Rehab Can Help Your Teen

Teen drug use is a serious problem in the U.S. as statistics show that 11% of all 8th graders, 21.5% of 10th graders, and 32.6% of 12th graders reported using drugs in the past year.[1] When drug use becomes an addiction, treatment programs are vital to helping teens get back on track. This is why adolescent-specific rehab centers are important.

Here are a few ways that they can help your teen:

Teen Addiction Therapy is Geared Toward Age-Specific Needs

Part of addiction treatment typically includes some type of therapy. When teens go through therapy, being with their peers can prove to be helpful because they are with others who understand what they’re going through at that particular stage in their life.

Sometimes, teens find it difficult to talk to adults about their problems. Talking with their peers makes things more comfortable. Also, when they hear recovery stories from their peers rather than adults, they are more likely to believe them, which can aid in the recovery and sobriety process.

Peer Support

Adolescent-specific rehab can provide continuous peer support even when not in therapy sessions. Teens are constantly interacting with each other, providing support whenever needed. By building strong connections, teens can thrive in treatment programs.

Builds Life Skills

The skills that a teen would need to learn to be successful in an addiction treatment program and life will be different than those that adults need to learn. At an adolescent-specific rehab center, teens will learn how to build life skills that they can carry with them well after their program is complete. These life skills can help them thrive in situations where temptations may occur, as well as help them grow into successful adults.

Supportive Family Involvement


Build Self-Confidence

Teen treatment programs can also help to boost self-confidence. Many teens struggle with self-confidence issues. Add drug use to the mix, and the situation can get worse. Treatment programs targeted at teens can integrate activities to help them build their self-confidence while working on their addictions.

How Do I Know When I Should Seek Addiction Treatment for My Teen?

There are several red flags to be on the lookout for to signal that it’s time to seek addiction treatment for your teen. These include:

  • Getting in trouble with the law
  • High-risk behavior
  • Lack of interest in family or friends
  • Changes in personal appearance and hygiene
  • Trouble speaking
  • Lack of coordination
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Different sleeping patterns
  • Changes in pupil size

If you notice these types of behaviors or changes in behavior, you’ll want to talk to a professional about the treatment programs available. Adolescent-specific rehab can help to get your child the help they need so that they can fully recover.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Treatment Program for Your Teen

As you look for a treatment program for your teen, you’ll want to know what levels of care are offered, how long the program is, and what type of after-care is provided. Cost and family involvement should also be considered. You want to have the complete picture of the facility you’re choosing to ensure that your teen will receive the best care and programs.

Treatment Programs at Ember Recovery

As an adolescent-specific rehab, Ember Recovery has helped over 5,000 youths across Iowa deal with their substance abuse disorders. We have the necessary tools and treatment programs to help teens overcome their addictions successfully.

We offer inclusive residential drug treatment programs so teens can access care 24/7. Treatment can include individual therapy sessions, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic therapies, and more. Our programs are geared to each patient to help them in the areas they need it the most. Our team will determine which types of treatments will best suit your teen.

At Ember Recovery, each team member is committed to helping our patients overcome their substance abuse disorders. Call us today or reach out online for more information.



[1] https://nida.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/2022/12/most-reported-substance-use-among-adolescents-held-steady-in-2022