Teen Addiction Treatment in Iowa and Balancing School and Recovery
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Teens who are receiving teen addiction treatment in Iowa and recovering from a substance abuse disorder face many challenges as they try to get sober and remain that way. One of these challenges comes with balancing schoolwork and recovery. Teens want to stay focused on their recovery but also need to find ways to keep on track with their schoolwork so they don’t fall behind. We have compiled some tips to help teens find just the right balance.

How Teens Can Balance School and Recovery

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Teens need to learn how to communicate with their teachers and counselors so that they understand their lessons and prioritize their assignments. If they are having trouble understanding lessons, they need to let their teachers know so that they can receive extra help if possible. Being an advocate for themselves is crucial as teens learn to work through their addiction and lead productive lives.

School counselors can also be an excellent resource to help teens stay on track. Your teen’s counselor will be aware of their situation so that they can offer support and guidance. They can also act as a bridge between teachers and your teen so that nothing falls through the cracks. It’s essential to keep the lines of communication open with counselors so that they can know about any changes that can impact your teen’s learning plan.

Make a Schedule

Having a clear schedule written out that details lessons and assignment due dates can help your teen keep their schoolwork organized. Using a dry-erase board that shows what needs to be done daily can help your teen prioritize and get things done. It can also help them to feel accomplished as they check off completed assignments from their list.

A schedule can also outline times for therapy sessions or other needed support. It should also have “free time” scheduled so teens have a specific time when they can relax.

Give Ample Time

If teens miss schoolwork due to their treatment plan, they may need to complete everything simultaneously. Be sure they take their time so they don’t rush through their lessons and become stressed. They must give themselves ample time to complete assignments and understand their lessons.

Learn How To Break Down Goals into Manageable Steps Teen Addiction Treatment Center in Iowa

Teach your teen how to break down goals into smaller steps. When they reach each milestone, they can feel accomplished and not overwhelmed as they move on to the next one. This can not only help them to get things done but can also work towards preventing relapse.

Set Realistic Expectations

Balancing schoolwork and recovery requires realistic expectations. There are days when the motivation level may not be as high as others. Teens need to learn how to accommodate for this and accept this. They mustn’t beat themselves up and be empathetic to their needs as they work towards maintaining sobriety and being a student.

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is also essential as teens learn to balance school and recovery. Studies show that stress can contribute to a person’s chances of relapsing, making it even more critical to find ways to relax.[1] Relaxation can come with yoga, meditation, and practicing mindfulness. Teens can also relax by trying creative outlets such as art and music.

Learn How To Prioritize Self-Care With A Teen Addiction Treatment Center in Iowa

Prioritizing self-care is also essential, as it can prevent relapse and help keep teens on track if they become overwhelmed with schoolwork.[2] Self-care can come from eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough rest. All these things can help teens feel good about themselves and stay focused as they recover and get their schoolwork done.

Seek Support When Needed

One of the benefits of being in a teen treatment program is that there are peers who are going through the same experiences as your teen. Seeking support from peers can help teens not to feel as though they are alone. Encourage them to attend group meetings, so they always have someone they feel comfortable talking to. If they can do this before things become overwhelming, it will better help them balance everything on their plate.

Seek Addiction Treatment in Iowa at Ember Recovery

Ember Recovery offers teen addiction treatment in Iowa to help teens get sober. We provide individualized plans so that each teen has the unique tools they need to aid in their recovery. Besides helping teens get sober, we also help them maintain sobriety with our aftercare planning. This planning shows teens what needs to be done to return to in-person school and society. We provide the continuing support and coping skills teens need to succeed.

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