Residential Treatment Centers for Youth Near Me: Talking to Your Teen About the Benefits
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Statistics show that nearly half of all teens will have tried illicit drugs by the time they reach the 12th grade. 1 For many teens, trying out drugs results in regular use and develops into a substance abuse problem. This can lead many parents to ask, “How can residential treatment centers for youth near me help my teen?” We will answer that question and provide tips on how you can talk to your teen about residential treatment programs and their benefits.

The Benefits of Residential Youth Treatment Centers

Deciding on residential care to help your teen battle their addiction can be difficult. While you may not want to see them leave home, doing so can put them in the best environment to battle their substance abuse disorder. Research suggests that residential treatment significantly decreases a teen’s chance of using substances. 2

There are several reasons why parents turn to residential treatment centers:

No Outside Distractions

One of the main benefits residential youth treatment centers provide is no outside distractions. When teens are in residential programs, they can focus on their recovery. They don’t have to worry about temptations or being distracted by friends or family who don’t have their best interests in mind.

Constant Access to Mental Health Professionals

Residential treatment centers provide teens with continuous access to mental health services by mental health professionals. Therapists and counselors are always on hand to listen to concerns and help teens as they find their path to recovery.

Being with Peers Going Through the Same Struggles

When teens live with peers going through the same struggles, they can have the support they need to move forward. They can also form new friendships with teens who won’t try to tempt them to use drugs or alcohol.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Many teens battling a substance abuse disorder also deal with a mental health disorder. Residential treatment can help them overcome their addiction and receive treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders.

How to Approach the Topic of Residential Youth Treatment Centers

Talking to your teen about entering a residential youth treatment center may be difficult. They may be scared and apprehensive about leaving home. As a parent, you can address these concerns by explaining how a residential youth treatment center can best serve them.

Be an Active Listener

Just as you want your teen to listen to you, you want to be an active listener as they express their emotions and concerns. Show empathy and try your best to understand what they are going through and how difficult a decision to go to a residential program may be.

Don’t Judge

As difficult as it may be, offer your teen a non-judgmental zone. Your teen may feel like they’ve let you down. By not judging them, you can give them the support they need to get the treatment that will lead them to a sober life.

Be Honest

Your teen will likely have many questions about a residential treatment program. Be honest about what they will face and involve them in decision-making. Answer all of their questions. If your teen feels like it was more their decision to enter the program rather than being forced into it, they may become more active participants.

Conversation Starters to Talk About Residential Treatment

If you’re unsure how to approach the topic of residential treatment, here are some possible conversation starters you may want to try:

  • Ask if there is anything they want to change about their current situation. Also, ask how they think things will go if they don’t change their behavior. The goal is to get them to become the driving force that wants to change. They may be more likely to take action when they feel in charge.
  • Talk to your teen about confidentiality rules that will protect their privacy. Many teens are embarrassed to go to a residential treatment center. This type of conversation may lead them to get the help they need.
  • You may also want to start the conversation by asking your child about their well-being. If they tell you they are stressed and are turning to drugs or alcohol for comfort, you can tell them how receiving treatment at a residential center can help.

Residential Youth Treatment Centers Near Me: How Ember Recovery Can Help

Ember Recovery offers residential youth treatment centers for both teen boys and girls. Our comprehensive treatment plan offers teens the help they need to live sober. Contact us today to learn more.