After Teen Substance Abuse Cambridge IA: Relearning to Thrive in Sober Social Circles
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During treatment for teen substance abuse in Cambridge, IA, teens must learn how to continue to live a sober life and be social outside of a treatment center. The outside world can be challenging to navigate, with many temptations and triggers. But, isolating oneself from people and places can be dangerous, which is why it’s essential to have the coping skills necessary to relearn how to thrive in sober social circles.

At Ember Recovery, we are committed to helping teens get sober and remain that way as they re-enter society. We have provided some tips to help your teen navigate the real world and be social while remaining sober.

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Social Issues Teens Face Following Treatment For Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA

When teens are in a treatment facility, they are surrounded by people and activities that support their sobriety. When they leave, they are faced with some of the same issues that may have led them to use substances in the first place.

Statistics show that 40% to 60% of people with an addiction will have a relapse, with 85% of those individuals relapsing within the first year of recovery [1]. Some of the social issues teens face include:

  • People not understanding their new lifestyle
  • Family members treating them like an outsider
  • No one understanding what they’ve been through
  • Having trouble communicating their new lifestyle and intentions

Teens may face one or several of these social issues following treatment that can threaten sobriety.

Tips to Navigate a Sober Life After Treatment For Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA

After treatment, teens can remain social and sober at the same time. Here are several tips to help them navigate this part of the recovery process.

Avoid Unsupportive Friendships

Friends who support your teen’s treatment and recovery will embrace their new sober lifestyle. They won’t try to tempt your teen with drugs or alcohol. Look for friendships that don’t put their sobriety in jeopardy. Advise your teen to look for friends who won’t pressure them to do drugs and or feel bad about not drinking.

Set Some Boundaries

Your teen will have to set some boundaries. They can’t expect the same social circle as before their treatment, especially if some people were a bad influence. They also may need to remove certain activities from their list if they encourage their substance use.

Make New Friends

Since your teen may not be able to associate with their old friends, they may begin to feel lonely. This can lead to depression and other mental health issues. To prevent this from happening, encourage your teen to make new friends who are positive and have different interests. Making new friends is an integral part of the recovery process and the effort to remain socially in a sober environment.

Try New Activities

A great way to make new friends is to try new activities. Allow your teen to try activities they’ve always wanted to do before but didn’t for one reason or another. These sober activities can spark new interests and help your teen to build long-lasting friendships.

Host Sober Events

Allow your teen to host sober events. This can show them that they can remain social while still having a good time, and it also helps to put them in the driver’s seat for their activities.

Returning to School After Treatment

When teens are in treatment, it can be difficult for them to return to school, not only for the schoolwork portion but also for the social aspect. They can find it challenging to integrate with their peers and feel that no one knows what they are going through.

At Ember Recovery, we offer an education program that allows teens to keep up with their lessons as they recover. When teens return to school, they won’t be behind on their lessons, can feel like they are on track, and can focus on taking active roles at school and being involved in after-school activities.

Teen Substance Abuse in Cambridge, IA: Seek Help at Ember Recovery

If your teen has a substance abuse problem, the team at Ember Recovery is here to help. We tailor each program to suit each teen’s needs in the recovery process. We not only give them the tools they need to succeed during treatment but also the coping skills they need to function in the outside world to remain sober and social. Contact Ember Recovery today to learn more about our treatment programs.